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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wal-Mart Overage 2/2/12

Okay I have not been shopping at wal mart in the past few weeks because of the drama at the check out but I think that I will go back in there and see if I can get the breathright strips and see if they have any of the ky jelly back in stock.  I will then use my overage to get some sugar.  I have a .75 off 2 2lb or larger damino sugars that I got for emailing the company.  The deal on the breathrights are this

1.50 off coupon in 1/29/12 RP
Wal Mart Breath Rights .97 (2 Ct)
Use the 1.50 off and have a .53 cent overage per pack.  I think I am going to start with 2 or three and see how wal mart takes the coupons then I am going to get the KY Jelly
3.00 Off any KY product
KY Jelly at Walmart is 2.62
Use the 3.00 off and get a .38 overage.  I will be doing this deal twice
This will give me a overage of 1.82 to apply to the sugar that I am going to get or I may price match the campbells soup from the target sale and use the 1.00 off 5 coupon that I found this will be around 2.10 after the coupon and thake the 1.82 overage off and I will be paying .28 plus tax for 2 ky's 2 breath rights and 5 can of soup.  this sounds like a good deal to me I will post back and let you know how this goes.

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