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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Wal-Mart Trip

Okay so I went back to wal-mart and here is what i got

2 KY Jelly 2oz 2.62 each
2 Tenna Pads 5.24 each
4 raovac batteries .99 each
I used
2 3.00 off KY coupons
2 6.00 Tenna coupons
2 .55 Raovac coupons
2 1.00 off Raovac coupons
OOP .14. 
Today was a success so I will prob go back more I just wanted to do a small a trip to see if they were going to be mean and not take the coupons or if they would take them and move on.  When it came to the tennas they were scared of them becase it was a print out of the email because that is what it said to do so she got the manager and he told her to just push it threw.  Good thing because I was getting them for dh grandma and she is needing them.  Good Luck and Have a good day I will post a picture later.

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