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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to begin

Welcome to the Coponing 101 Blog.  This is a blog to go along with my Couponing 101 Class I will be teaching you how to save money and make shopping fun and easy and not a job that you have to do and do not want to do.  My class will teach you the basics of couponing and you can take this class by video or in person in the western Ky area.  I will be posting my good deals and how to make them better and helping everyone come up with great shopping list so that you walk out of the store paying just pennies for all your bags.  I will post good deals that i find from other blogs and how to find that blog so that you can go there and find the deals just as I did.  I hope that we can all share in the savings and that everyone will respect everyone else.  Remember that just because it is a good deal does not mean that you have to buy 50 of them and that most of the time there are limits you want to save some for everyone else so that we can all get the great deals and we have to be respectfull of all couponers becasue we are a big family.  Feel free to post in the comments sections any deals that you find so that we can all find the same great deals.