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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rite Aid 1/29-2/4

Buy 30.00 get 10 in Plus Ups

Buy one at 4.19 and a second for 2.10 for a total of 6.28
Use 2 1.00 off Olay from the 1/29 P&G
OOP 4.28
(do this deal twice)

Pantnee 2/$7.00
Use 1.00 off 2
OOP 2 for 6.00 or 3.00 each
(do this deal twice)

Always or Tampax 2/$11.00
Use 2 1.00 off coupons (mfg)
Pay 9.00 for two or 4.50 each

This will put you over the 30 and you will get 10 in ups back.  Retail Value of 37.56
OOP 29.56 this will be great if you have the 20 ups from the spend 100.00 get 20 us you will only have to pay 9.56.

When you get some ups built up and you can roll them in to more transactions your out of pocket will be a lot lower.

The key to Rite Aid is to roll your ups into the next transaction to get more ups so that you will have them for the next transaction.  you will continue to do this so that you will have little out of pocket but if there is a sale on something and you need it than having the ups to pay for them will make it a lot cheaper don't hold on to the just to roll them they are there for you to use so that you will not have to pay so much oop.  If you find your self with any ups it will be easy to build them back up you will just have to pay a little to start building them again.

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